How to PowerWash your Chromebook

When your Chrome device is no longer working correctly and you have worked through troubleshooting items like clearing cache, signing out of your device, and performing a restart, performing a PowerWash may help. 

A Powerwash will remove anything that is not the Chrome Operating SystemNOTE: All information stored locally on the device will be erased. This will not affect information stored in the Google Cloud applications.

When beginning this process, you may see the option to select “Restart”. Please continue by selecting the “Restart” button.

Perform this process at the login screen.  DO NOT log in! 

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + Shift + r keys simultaneously

  2. Select Powerwash 

  3. Confirm Powerwash - press Continue

  4. Select Let’s Go at the welcome screen

  5. Connect to your available network 

  6. Accept and Continue to Google terms of service

  7. Select Done at the “Enterprise enrollment complete” window

  8. Sign in to your Chromebook.