In these days of a paperless society, many of our administrators and teachers have worked hard to make resources available without the need to print reams and reams of paper for distribution.  In addition, many online applications have been instituted that don't require printed homework to be turned in to the teacher.  When the Chromebooks were adopted district-wide as the student device, it was decided that it was a good time to stop supporting printing for those devices.  The district has realized a substantial cost savings because of reduced printing demands.  As such, printing from Chromebooks is not supported for staff or students.  Technical support will not be available for network Chromebook printing requests.  We do not have enough technical support personnel to support home networking or personally-owned equipment.

However, Chromebooks can usually automatically recognize a directly-connected printer.  If you can plug your Chromebook directly into your printer via a USB cable, the printer will generally be recognized and useable.  If there is a printing-related issue, please check your printer vendor's website for support.