Sometimes, the device just won't load an application right, and you've tried everything else to fix it, but it won't play nice.  It's times like these where a PowerWash comes in handy.  A PowerWash is a procedure that completely replaces the Chrome Operating System on the device, updates it, and reloads all of the approved applications.  Basically, the device is new again from a software and operating system standpoint.

**NOTE:  All information stored locally on the device will be erased.  This will not affect information stored in the Google Cloud applications.

  1. Press Esc + Samsung Chromebook Refresh key + Power for 3-5 seconds

  2. Press Ctrl + d at the Chrome OS is missing or damaged….” screen.

  3. Press Enter at the To turn OS verification OFF, press ENTER screen.

  4. Press Enter at the “Press ENTER to confirm you wish to turn OS verification on screen. 

The Chromebook will then reboot into “Verified mode” and restore to factory defaults.

  1. Select Let’s Go at the “Welcome” screen.  

  2. Select 191Public (or your home wireless network) on the “Connect to network” screen and select NEXT.

  3. Click Accept and continue at the “Google Chrome OS terms screen”

  4. Click Done at the “You are enrolled successfully” screen.

**Important - Please let the technology department know if you do not get this screen (pictured below) during the process.