There are a lot of people out there who would love to have access to your network credentials.  Sometimes, they'll ask in a carefully written email, or call you on the phone and say your password will expire if they don't refresh it while on the call.  They might not just ask for network and email passwords, but also for banking and credit card passwords, numbers, your address, birthdate, and any other information they can get from you.

Don't fall for it!  The only time you should give information over the phone or via email is if you make the call or start the email conversation.  That's the only way you can know who you're talking to.  Our Technology Support team members will never ask you for a credit card number to help you.  We may ask for your password in order to assist you, but only give it to us if you've called us at (952) 707-2758 (ASK US).

Your account security is only as strong as you keep it.  Please take it seriously.